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DIGMA S.R.L. was founded in 2001, its core business is the construction of super abrasive tools for industry and the related marketing. In its operations, the numerous ideas and designs of prototypes intended for all kinds of use should be highlighted.

DIGMA S.R.L., is an established reality in the construction of electro-deposited abrasive tools, aimed and concentrated, specifically, for the sectors of precision mechanics, automotive, stone, ceramic, carbon fiber, fiberglass and friction materials. DIGMA S.R.L., makes use of modern mechanical equipment, specialized collaborators, with high experience acquired over the years.

20 years

of Experience and Professionalism


Design and innovation are at the heart of the company mission. Methodology, precision, graphic design, prototype design and organizational efficiency are the main features that the Company has placed in the foreground since its establishment.

What does it mean to innovate? A direct question, which requires precise answers. DIGMA has been asking this question continuously for several years. The answers could be obvious and trivial. They are not for the company's internal R&S staff. To innovate is to make people understand that you need to change your vision. And only if you change your vision will you be able to design a future, a concrete not an abstract one.

DIGMA has always made innovation. He was able to listen to the voice of his customers, he collected suggestions, points of view, new ideas. All of these conditions have outlined distinctive elements of an excellent level. Distinctive elements that would have led the company to mark real planning times, to follow different paths, made of comparison with other national realities, to reach important commercial areas.

Doing simple things, but with innovative ideas

One of the most convincing slogans for DIGMA: "Being able to do simple things, but with innovative ideas". A strong and ambitious combination, already in itself. Test yourself every day, immerse yourself in planning, in the desire for change. And never neglect the customer's requests.

These requests will be right, which will allow you to try new innovations, arrive at a new CAD drawing, do tests in the workshop, get your hands dirty, until you reach a prototype that satisfies and repays for the effort of resources put in place. In DIGMA we are strongly aware that research is done in the company, with customers, also interpreting the industrial fabric of its geographical area in the best possible way.

the Customer

An important and characteristic element for DIGMA is the constant connection with the customer, integrated with the project and not, so to speak, "kept in the dark" of the initial design. The resulting relationship becomes lasting precisely because the customer feels himself the "leading actor" of the feature film of the final production.

Years pass and DIGMA strengthens its presence on the national territory. The company is structured internally, monitors specific orders, manages relations with customers in a constant and orderly manner.

The company produces custom Tools, always different from previous projects. The beating heart of DIGMA is change, mixed with stubbornness of positive and far-sighted intentions, reaching levels of specialization that allow it to have a complete picture of all the phases necessary for the design and construction of its tools.

Constantly focuses on every stage of processing, bringing out peculiarities or negative aspects of each individual process. The commitment of the internal R&S group to make design and structural evaluations on the finished product is constant.